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Our mission is to help you reach your goals – whether that’s having the confidence to try something new, hitting your dream weight or transforming your body altogether. Keto Temple is about bringing like-minded individuals together to form a special community where you can seek advice, provide tips and ask the real questions. From supplements, to exercise, to recipes and reviews, our goal is to become a temple for all your keto needs, where you feel supported, encouraged and most important of all – motivated

September 19, 2017

Fresh Springtime Keto Recipes

Spring has sprung and it won't be long before Summer is on our doorstep with beach days, late afternoon picnics and those balmy nights! Here's a few fresh recipes to keep you cool...
September 8, 2017

How to Supplement a Keto Diet

Shifting into a state of Ketosis can turn your body upside down - initially, anyway. It's important to make sure you're supplementing right...
September 6, 2017

Perfect Keto Lunchtime Recipes

Whether you've got a lengthy break, a quick 15 minutes or you're literally eating at your desk, eating keto-friendly at lunch time can tricky. Here's three great lunch recipes we know you'll love...
September 6, 2017

Ketone Supplement Rankings

As the popularity of Ketone supplements in the fitness industry continues to grow, so too does the number of brands selling them. But when it comes to value, effectiveness, taste and availability, they are all very different. We've tried and tested them all so you can see how they stack up.
September 4, 2017

Don’t Fear Fat: Study Shows Carbs The Villain

Fat has always had a pretty bad reputation - for decades, in fact.  The 'eating fat makes you fat' mentality has been a hard myth to shake. Well, some staggering new statistics have come to light which could be a game-changer.
August 31, 2017

Keto Recipes: Cauliflower Five Ways

Whether you're a newly adapted keto or have been on the diet for a while, you've likely already figured out just how great cauliflower is when you're trying to stick to low carb! Here are five delicious and different ways to incorporate it into your diet...

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